Applied Molecular Therapies

Manufacturer and supplier of radiopharmaceuticals for therapeutic intent.

Applied Molecular Therapies (AMT) –  a leader in the development, manufacture and supply of next generation therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals for cancer treatments in Australia and New Zealand.

Nuclear medicines have been helping cancer patients since the 1940s. The last decade has seen the emergence of new and promising radionuclides primarily for therapeutic applications. Our goal is to help improve cancer patient outcomes with accessible, targeted radiopharmaceuticals, focussing initially on use of the radionuclide Lutetium-177.

Patients, their families and clinicians can be assured that AMT’s therapeutic goods meet all the safety and quality standards and the manufacturing process is fully compliant with Australia’s regulatory frameworks for clinical trials, Special Access Scheme and ongoing supply of approved therapeutic goods.


AMT - established by two leading radiopharmaceutical enterprises

Cyclotek, a leading radiopharmaceutical manufacturer, is at the forefront of validating new molecular targeted radiopharmaceuticals for the Australian and New Zealand markets. By using accessible targeted radiopharmaceuticals, our goal is to improve cancer patient outcomes.

ANSTO, Australia’s knowledge centre for nuclear science and engineering, leverages great science to deliver big outcomes. Around 75-80% of all the nuclear medicine isotopes used in Australia come from ANSTO. We partner with nuclear medicine professionals to enable hundreds of thousands of patient procedures each year.

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